Summer Shift

Hello Everyone!
I’m going to do some experimenting with my hours over the summer. I’ll have hours available from 9AM to 9PM Monday through Thursday with a long(ish) afternoon break, with Saturday and Sunday still to be ironed out. I’ll wait to update all of my listings online if these new hours work for clients. For now, if you see a time available on the Genbook schedule, it means it’s available to you.

Truthfully, I’m mainly making the change for my dog. It’s already warming up to the point that we take MANY breaks during our long walks, so my intention is to get out nice and early for the morning stroll, then wait ’til after sundown for the evening stroll. This means I may as well open the rest of my day to clients… as long as I get to take a bit of a siesta in the heat of the day 😀

There’s also a bit of new signage around the office. We now have a prominent 711 sign next to the entry drive as well as an official street sign designating our gravel drive as the corner of Alley #8 and Iredell Street! Finding my office can be a bit tricky the first time, so hopefully the new landmarks will help.

That’s all for now; sIMG_4801tay cool, wear your sunscreen, and I hope to see you soon!