March 8, 2010

Pay Online

Update 5/12/14- I’ve finally gotten around to getting a credit card fob for my office, so you can now pay in office instead of online =)

Massage Pricing

45 minutes — $55
60 minutes — $70
75 minutes — $85
90 minutes — $95
105 minutes — $105

Massage Packages

Need an excuse to come get your regular massages? Buying your sessions in bulk will save you money, but more importantly will represent time that you already own, making it easier to schedule a session when you need it. You can break up the time into any combination of session lengths. (Amount saved is versus buying 60 minute sessions each time.)

Package Price You Save
3 hours $190 $20
5 hours $300 $45

Discounted Session

Is your budget tight while you’re paying for school or weathering the economic crunch? Feel free to take advantage of a 60-minute session on a sliding scale. Pay between $60-$69 in office with cash or check.
(Note: I have discontinued discounts through credit card purchases due to transaction fees. I may bring this option back in the future.)

Payment Options

Cash, local checks, credit cards in office and online through PayPal.
Payment is due in full at the end of each session. New appointments may be scheduled when the client is up to date.

A Note On Gratuities:

A gratuity is always appreciated, but truly never expected. When a therapist is practicing in a clinic or spa and receiving an hourly rate, a gratuity can be very important financially. I’m lucky enough to be in practice for myself, so I’m not giving a “cut to the house”, as it were. You can give me as much money as you’d like, but gratuities are completely optional in my practice.

Pay With PayPal (or as a Guest):

Massage Therapy Session

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